Hometown- Nashville, TN

I’m proud to be a 4th generation Nashvillian.  We are a rare breed.  I have been an animal lover as long as I can remember.  Only a few years in my life, did I not have a pet.  I feel so blessed that I get to do something I love.  I started Happy Pets in 2008, as a very part time job.  It took several years, but in 2015 it became a reality, as God pushed me out in faith to do this full time.  I am very fortunate to be able to work with a great team of sitters.  I feel we’ve been a mutual blessing to one another.  My most treasured things are being called “Mom” by son Chris, and “Nana” by grandson Beckham.  I’m also a cat mama to rescues, Ricky Ricardo & Hazel (a boy).



Hometown- Everywhere, USA

I have lived in 5 state so it’s hard to identify my hometown.  I moved to Nashville for college & never left.  I work in PR and love music and traveling.  
I grew up going to the farm in the summers which allowed me to be around lots of animals.   I’ve not been a pet owner but have that desire.  My lifestyle & schedule don’t lend to me having a dog (allergic to cats) so pet sitting gives me that outlet.  I believe we need to “be there” for our pets so when I am able to do that, I’ll have my own.



Hometown- Nashville, TN

Born and raised in Nashville, I have always called this beautiful city home. I left for four years to study music business at the University of Miami, but I always had plans to return to Music City. I graduated in May of 2020 and have been back in Nashville since. For as long as I can remember, cats have had my heart. When I was little, I got my lovely kitty, Butterscotch, who is now 14 years old and thriving! My admiration for pets has only grown over the years, and I love meeting animals of all kinds. I joined Happy Pets in 2021 I’m and super excited to be a part of this amazing team!



​Hometown - Franklin, TN

I was born and raised in Franklin, but I call Nashville my home.

I grew up in a pet-friendly household, loving on and caring for dogs, cats, fish, a rabbit, and even a hermit crab; so to say I’m an animal enthusiast is an understatement. I am a firm believer that time spent with an animal is time well spent. 

I also have a great passion for fitness, therefore walking and interacting with dogs (especially the energetic ones) is very much right up my alley. 

Working for Happy Pets is a blessing, since I don’t have a fur-baby of my own, I get to love and care for your pets. I’m very grateful to Jan for this opportunity and I’m looking forward to meeting you and your four-legged pals soon!



Hometown- New Boston, MI

I lived in Michigan for my first 21 years. When Doug and I married, we lived in PA and OH but always wanted to live in the south. We moved to Nashville in 2011 and haven’t looked back. I had pets growing up and by the time Doug and I were married a year we had our first puppy. We’ve had wonderful pets ever since. I lost my one-in-a-million dog in June and miss him terribly. I love pets of all kinds and enjoy working with local rescues. Being in the Happy Pets family is perfect for me to help pay for my kids college and Jan is a wonderful blessing!



Hometown - Milford, NE

I was born and raised in Nebraska, but have spent my entire adult life in Texas and Tennessee.
I am a 10 year veteran bridal stylist at David’s Bridal in Cool Springs.  I am also a teaching assistant in Special Education in the Williamson County School System. I love to cook, sew and relish time with family and friends.
I have been married to my husband, Russell, for 29 years and we have two adult sons, one lives in Atlanta and the other in Tupelo.
Shortly after moving to Tennessee, we added a handsome tri-colored, Australian Shepherd named Kodi to our family. Kodi brought so much fun to our lives. Even when spinal weakness impacted the use of his rear legs, Kodi was still happiest out walking the neighborhood in his doggie wheelchair.  Since Kodi's passing in 2018, I have wanted to be a "dog mom" again. Happy Pets gives me the opportunity to love on furry friends once again. I am excited to be part of this team!

Image by Ryan Walton


Hometown- Brooklyn, NY

I spent my formative years in Brooklyn, England and South Florida, but since 16 I have traveled everywhere so don’t really feel I have a hometown.  I traveled extensively for work all over the US & Internationally.  Have considered Nashville my home base since 1998.
Don’t have a pet of my own, preferring to be “grandma” to others family pets.  I spend much more time with fur individuals than people (and prefer their company)!  Have been a full-time pet sitter for the last couple of years.  
Besides travel, I love reading, nature, museums and too much streaming!



Hometown- Naperville, IL

I have lived in Nashville since 2001, and have my own fur-niece Birdie at home. I have made a full-time career out of my love for animals.  I have been in the veterinary healthcare industry since 2007, working with veterinarians all over Middle Tennessee, the United States, Canada, and Australia.  I enjoy every opportunity I have to see all of the Happy Pets on my walks and overnight visits.  Every pet is unique and special, and bring me so much joy!  I look forward to meeting you and your fur-babies in the future.

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Hometown - St. Louis, MO

I’ve been in Nashville for some time now.  I absolutely love the PR work I do as my full time job.  I first worked in the music industry and now with books/authors.  Being outside makes me happy - as do the Titans…well, most seasons!

I have two cats, Fiona & Nora.  They mean the world to me and I’m honored that I have the opportunity to take care of our clients pets too!  I grew up surrounded by dogs and cats, and I’m extremely comfortable as a caretaker.  I look forward to getting to know so many fur babies!



Hometown - Hershey, PA

I have been living and working in Nashville for 16 years, and have been happily working for Happy Pets for 4 of those years.  I spend the largest part of my day caring for my husband, Jay, my 2 elementary school age boys, Roger (Rabbit)  & John (Rooster), our infant son Lazarus & our pittweiler, Zbo.  I also run my  own small business, The Mothershp Wellness Co. where I provide a range of holistic wellness products.   The work I do with Happy Pets is a huge bright spot in my day.  I have  been able to make some long lasting relationships with some of our furry friend clients!



Hometown - Richmond, VA

Lived in Nashville for more than a decade now.  I’ve spent most of my adult life as a touring musician.  Was a member of a band “Those Darlins”.   I work as a session musician, and also instruct at the Southern Girls Rock Camp each summer.  When I’m not working in music, I enjoy playing basketball & am a running aficionado.   I am alway grateful to hand with the four-legged friends of Happy Pets where I’ve been working for 4 years.  I recently became a new dad to “Francis”, a Siberian Husky.



Hometown- Whittier, CA

My husband Carl and I have made Nolensville our new hometown.  I was born and lived all over California interspersed  by years spent in Indiana, Connecticut, Oklahoma and Melbourne, Australia. I am a retired aerospace engineer who has always managed to have a pet wherever I lived, even if I had to borrow one! I have been fortunate to work for Jan since the fall of 2016 and one of my great enjoyments is taking care of your pets like they were one of my own.



Hometown- Crescent, IA

I spent my first 6 years on my grandparents farm growing up with all types of animals.  My first pet was a piglet, much to my Grandfather’s dismay.  I have traveled extensively and had the opportunity to go to school & live in Florence, Italy for 5 months.  I moved to Kansas City where I met my husband and we moved to Nashville in 2012.

I retired from my work in a law office and now take care of my husband, Tim and our 3 pets.  German Shepherd, Koda, and cats, Picasso & Grace Slick.  I wanted to work with animals and when the opportunity to work with Happy Pets came up.  It has been a wonderful experience to meet and work with the clients and their pets.